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Does this count as a New Thing?!

I am feeling really chuffed and honoured that someone has come read my blog, then liked it enough to pass on an award – with very nice comments indeed. Thank you So, what is the award? And, more to … Continue reading

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12 of 40 – Curling v. Curling up with a book

“My son’s curling tonight. It’s the semi-finals but I don’t think he’ll win.” “I’ve never see curling.” “Well, why don’t you come along then.  It’s open to everyone.” Well, why don’t I? It is, after all, the year of doing … Continue reading

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11 of 40 – Kitting Up

I don’t drool over shoes and handbags.  I don’t have a passion for the latest gadgets.  I don’t search for the latest ‘must-have’ fashion accessories. But drop me in a craft shop – any type of craft shop – and … Continue reading

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Getting naked changed my life. Sort of.

I started this idea of doing 40 New Things with no end goal in mind.  I had no final vision or Future Me that I was aiming for.  I just thought it would be a Good Thing to try stuff out … Continue reading

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10 of 40 – keeping it under wraps. Or not.

Sleepless nights. Heart racing. Dilemma. Anxiety. Hmm, wasn’t this supposed to be fun? And it is all my choice, too, so there is nothing that I have to do. So why was I putting myself through this? I don’t know. … Continue reading

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