New Things so far

1 – Did hair in different way
2 – Blue nail varnish, with peacock feather earrings
3 – Was a volunteer for Psychology tests at local uni
4 – MAC makeover
5 – Baked a cake with a heart in the middle (or tried to)
6 – Went to Clandestine Cake Club
7 – River trip on a (small) tall ship
8 – Gave blood
9 – Outside hot tub on spa day
10 – Life modelling
11 – Marbling craft kit
12 – Watched curling match
13 – Legoland Hotel

2 Responses to New Things so far

  1. I love this! Never stop learning – I hope I’ll have lots of new experiences every year, too.

    • Not quite 40 says:

      I love new experiences, but I have discovered New Things are the things that I would normally say ‘No’ to but instead say ‘Yes.’ That is what makes them a challenge (however small) and that is what makes it so interesting, too.

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