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20 of 40 – Having a Brazilian

No, not one of *those.* (Although that would indeed be a New Thing, although not one that is likely to happen, and definitely not a photo post!) THIS Brazilian all came about because of a conversation I had with Tetraplegic … Continue reading

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“OK, anyone got any ideas for New Things to try?” “Make cheese.” “Make cheese?!” “Yup, it’s easy.” “Uh, I don’t think so.  I mean, I’ve SEEN dairies and all the complicated equipment they have in them.” Anyway, a few weeks ago … Continue reading

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18 of 40 – How (not) to make pop cakes

Step 1 – Drool over pop cakes, read forums on top tips on making them, look at cute pictures of artistic designs. Step 2 – Convince yourself you already have enough tins, tubs and baking equipment and not to start … Continue reading

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17 of 40 – Cheering Everyone On

Imagine the scene: gentle green plain; grass covered banks shaded by trees; clusters of people mingling, reforming and flowing back and forth. The crackle of a PA system, bottoms sliding off plastic chairs, plastic glasses of squash. Cheering, celebrations, tears. … Continue reading

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16 of 40 – All steamed up

A number of years ago, well before Cherub, husband and I went to visit an old university friend.  In Finland. In January. We had a lovely time, and found the locals great fun although the majority of them did ask … Continue reading

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