20 of 40 – Having a Brazilian

No, not one of *those.* (Although that would indeed be a New Thing, although not one that is likely to happen, and definitely not a photo post!)

THIS Brazilian all came about because of a conversation I had with Tetraplegic Bhoy. I was a bit stuck and needed a nudge to get on with Trying New Things so I asked him for a suggestion/challenge. He was a real sweetie and thought long and hard about a New Thing he thought I would enjoy and came up with this: “I want you to think of a cuisine you have never sampled (say Lebanese for talking sake), find a restaurant that specialises in it and give it a go.”

Well, part of me was very touched by the thought that had gone into this, because Yes, that is something I would enjoy. Part of me wondered if it would actually count as a New Thing because trying new cuisines is something I like to do and have done a lot of. And part of me was trying to work out how on earth to do it, bearing in mind I live in South Wales and have a small cherub so logistics was a challenge.

“Keep on working on it, we don’t get great reward from the things that fall on our lap.” So, no, he wasn’t going to give me a ‘get out clause.’

Right then. Mentally roll up sleeves. See what can be done…

Check local big cities and see what there is. Lebanese? Tried it, like falafels. Greek? Very meat based. Italian? Husband’s favourite. Carribean? Tried stalls at events. Portugese? Nepalese? Indian? Chinese? Thai? All tried before. Yell.com. Google search. Getting difficult here to find something let alone work out how to get there.

But, I am not going to be beaten. Off to Glasgow for work, with husband as well. This had GOT to be an ideal opportunity. Now, if only to find somewhere I have not already eaten. Googlemaps round the hotel to find restaurants.



Right. OK, hubby mine, this is where we will be eating on Monday night – two blocks from the hotel and, no, I have NO IDEA what it will be like. No recommendations, no wandering past and thinking it looked good, no being guided by the menu. Just turning up because it was a New Thing.

It took a little while to get there. Having got up at 04:30 to catch a flight there, and been up on my feet most of the day I was pretty tired. I also have something going on with one of my feet so it is a bit painful to walk. Especially two blocks plus ‘scenic detours’ (aka getting lost). However, I reminded myself that I am grateful to have feet that work, a lovely warm evening to walk in, and an opportunity to go out with my husband, and just got on with it.

Well, it looked like a bar from outside, which is not surprising when I read from the menu that ‘Boteco’ means bar. Not the sort of place I would normally head for, for dinner out with my husband for the first time in months.

Never mind. It’s my challenge. And even if the food is awful, it will still make a good post…

I am delighted to report the food was NOT awful. And I took plenty of pictures.

The criteria was to try things that were definitely Brazilian. So, up first was a starter to share:


Husband chose a Brazilian beer, and I went for a cocktail. Not one to normally choose a cocktail I was a bit puzzled by some of the names (of the contents, let alone the actual cocktail names!) so had to ask. When I found one had Brazilian rum in it, I HAD to go for it…

IMAG0979 Now, the challenge with this one was that it had fresh strawberries in it, blitzed but not very finely. And a small straw. Yes, you work out the physics on that! I wasn’t too sure about the flavour, but as the evening wore on, it somehow tasted better and better…

Husband’s main course was Feijoada:

and I had an unfeasibly large pot of fish and prawn moqueca:

Truly, this could very easily feed two people. Epic proportions. And made of deliciousness. Tiny tasty prawns, with giant king prawns, and chunks of white fish in an oh my goodness sauce. With a plate of rice. And a bowl of ‘plaintain flour’ crumbs to sprinkle over the top. At least, that’s what I think they said it was.

Vast amounts but it didn’t stop me going for dessert, though! Brigadeiro. The menu described them as ‘chocolate truffles.’ I expected some kind of chocolate ganache based dessert. What I got was not what I expected.
I had planned on taking a photo of the inside of one, but it was gone before I remembered. I blame the strawberries in the cocktail. It was chewy, gummy, kind of caramel-y but not (which is good as I am not that keen on caramel) and I can only advise that you do not put a whole one in your mouth at once as you may not be able to speak again for days. A half one was difficult enough. But, oh my, I still remember the taste.

Oh, and if you want to know what ‘strawberry and coconut cream with sponged biscuit base, made with freshly grated coconut and decorated with fresh strawberries.’ looks like…IMAG0986

I don’t know if the food we ate was typical of Brazil, but I do know it was worth the trip to find it. I recommend the place, and even if the bar itself isn’t all that friendly to ‘wheels’ (I didn’t pay enough attention on the way *in* as I didn’t know if it was going to be good enough to recommend. And I didn’t pay enough attention on the way *out* as, well, I blame the strawberries…) there is seating outside, if the weather is atypical of Scotland. Full menu can be found here.

Thank you for the challenge. Accepted, completed and uploaded.

About Not quite 40

Mother of 1, wife for 15 years, coming up to 40 and wanting to do something different. Not sure what, then realised it didn't actually matter. As long as I do *something* new, it's going to be Good!
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2 Responses to 20 of 40 – Having a Brazilian

  1. Brazilian, I never even considered that. Food looks great, I am jealous! Whereabouts in the city were you? Would love to try it if I could sit outside on a sunny day (if we get one!)

    • Not quite 40 says:

      It was right in the centre, at least I think it was. The conference was at the Central Hotel, which is built into the train station. The restaurant itself was on Trongate – although it was the slightly shabbier end of the street, there were plenty of people sitting outside enjoying the sunshine! There is a map on their website – http://www.botecodobrasil.com/about-us/ And yes, the food WAS good; and I have your challenge to thank for it – thank you!! I now challenge YOU to go there, too 😉

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