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Mother of 1, wife for 15 years, coming up to 40 and wanting to do something different. Not sure what, then realised it didn't actually matter. As long as I do *something* new, it's going to be Good!

I has technology

And I posted using my new phone. Whoot!  Go me!

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New Things

 I decided to make Thai fish curry. I had a recipe from a friend which was lovely when she made it – although she apparently makes her own curry paste. I followed the recipe. This is new in itself, to … Continue reading

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New ‘New Thing’, number one – conquering technology. Kind of.

I have already done a number of New Things, having prompted myself to make a fresh start. One thing is I have just started 100 Happy Days. I am not posting them all here (I am using my more … Continue reading

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Time to try again

Well, anyone who has been keeping count will have realised that, technically, I am NOT ‘notquite40’ at all. I am, in fact, ‘notquite42.’ Ahem. And if anyone HAS been keeping count, then they can just keep quiet and push off, … Continue reading

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Bikinis and water slides

If swimming were not so cold and wet, I am sure I would like it more.  As a child I would turn blue with cold … and then throw up.  Not great.  So when my son wants to go swimming, I … Continue reading

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29 of 40 – Curling (again) but this time doing and not watching!

OK, I was back up in Scotland for work.  Again.  ::sigh:: Scotland is a lovely place, but I do get tired of actually travelling there. Early start, flight up, 2 1/2 hour drive to the client, full on consultancy and … Continue reading

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28 of 40 – Winning isn’t everything

I like making things. You will have seen that from my previous posts: I made cheese, I tried marbling, I even tried making pop cakes.  I like crafting things, trying things out, and doing what I can to make Good … Continue reading

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27 of 40 – Fabulous Me

Yes, I have got the numbering right.  There were a few covered in the previous post at the festival… This is an unusual New Thing, in the fact that not only was it not planned in advance, it wasn’t recognised … Continue reading

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23 of 40 – The Wristband Salute, aka my first festival

  I saw the festival mentioned online, I looked it up, and I was smitten!  So, with husband’s agreement, I got us some tickets…and booked us into a local Travelodge!  Maybe not the traditional festival accommodation but we are old … Continue reading

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22 of 40 – Make like a seal…

The only experience I had of swimming under water was a very brief encounter with a snorkel, involving me promptly going too deep, trying to breathe water and coming up spluttering before walking promptly back to the beach. So when … Continue reading

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