Time to try again

Well, anyone who has been keeping count will have realised that, technically, I am NOT ‘notquite40’ at all. I am, in fact, ‘notquite42.’ Ahem.

And if anyone HAS been keeping count, then they can just keep quiet and push off, OK?

So, I promise that I *have* been doing New Things, but I have failed miserably in recording them here. And it has petered off a wee bit in my active intentions to Do New Things. This January, I have been feeling a bit BLAH, and was thinking about New Year Resolutions. I don’t do New Year Resolutions, but I have in the past set goals for the year of things I want to do.  And that is what I have decided to do.

I am not going to complete my set of 40 New Things.

I am going for 42 New Things.  In fact, I am going for one New Thing a week … with leeway!

The first week of January saw a ridiculous number of New Things as we went to Lapland for New Year as a surprise for cherub.

So, New Things included:

IMG_0754Mushing a team of huskies (let’s be fair, they knew what they were doing and where they were going. My job was just to apply the brake!)

IMG_0798Driving a snowmobile

IMG_0835Going for a reindeer sleigh ride

Driving a kick sleigh, tobogganing down a really long hill


seeing the Northern Lights (albeit in the daytime, which I didn’t know was possible)


And, of course, seeing the REAL Father Christmas in a candlelit cabin in the woods.


So, that’s 7 New Things, but I am still going to go for a New Thing this week.

Just don’t know what yet. But will get back to you at the end of the weekend to let you know…

About Not quite 40

Mother of 1, wife for 15 years, coming up to 40 and wanting to do something different. Not sure what, then realised it didn't actually matter. As long as I do *something* new, it's going to be Good!
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