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16 of 40 – All steamed up

A number of years ago, well before Cherub, husband and I went to visit an old university friend.  In Finland. In January. We had a lovely time, and found the locals great fun although the majority of them did ask … Continue reading

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8 of 40 – Give Blood

Blood donating is, most people agree, A Good Thing. It can save lives. It is desperately needed, and we never know when it could be needed by us. And, according to the Blood Donation website, only 4% of people do … Continue reading

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Sweaty palms, but saving a life anyway

OK, I have looked up the dates of the nearest blood donor drives and it looks like Thursday is going to be the day. This is a very VERY big deal for me. When I was pregnant, I had to … Continue reading

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Be inspired to break out of your rut!

This is a list of suggestions from all sorts of places. I have kept all the ideas, even if they wouldn’t be new to me, in case they trigger another idea – or in case someone else wants some inspiration. … Continue reading

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Present number 2 of 40, or ‘how my husband actually silenced me’

It was Valentine’s Day. Husband had headed off to the gym at 6am, as he likes to do when he is able to. I rolled over and went back to sleep as best I could for another hour. (Child is … Continue reading

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