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11 of 40 – Kitting Up

I don’t drool over shoes and handbags.  I don’t have a passion for the latest gadgets.  I don’t search for the latest ‘must-have’ fashion accessories. But drop me in a craft shop – any type of craft shop – and … Continue reading

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9 of 40 – Spa Day with Mother-in-law

Lots of new things in here, but also lots of things that weren’t new.  I wasn’t sure whether or not to count it, as it wasn’t designed to be one of my ‘New Things’ – especially when I realised it … Continue reading

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Call to Action, aka “Stop thinking and start doing”

I have already said that it is the middle of February and I am behind in my lists of 40. Part of my problem is, I think, that I think. That is, I think about something, work out what it … Continue reading

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Be inspired to break out of your rut!

This is a list of suggestions from all sorts of places. I have kept all the ideas, even if they wouldn’t be new to me, in case they trigger another idea – or in case someone else wants some inspiration. … Continue reading

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What should be on the list?

One of the lists I started was ’40 new things.’ I wanted to break out of the rut I have been in for so long. I work at my husband’s (small) business and there is always a lot going on … Continue reading

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