Getting naked changed my life. Sort of.

I started this idea of doing 40 New Things with no end goal in mind.  I had no final vision or Future Me that I was aiming for.  I just thought it would be a Good Thing to try stuff out that I had never tried before.  Get out of my Comfort Zone and into my Adventure Zone.

I started small, with a new way of doing my hair and makeup.  And the latest New Thing was life modelling, which I did last Wednesday.

The interesting thing I noted at the end of last week was just how much I got done at work.  I made phone calls that I normally avoided making, I tackled a stack of paperwork I had been putting off, and I ploughed through my To Do list at a rate of knots.

All without realising it.

The buzz I got from challenging myself and doing something really New spilled over into everything else I was doing.

Now all I have to do is to decide what I am going to do next.  I haven’t got anything planned and I am feeling a bit flat.  Perhaps I need to get naked again!

About Not quite 40

Mother of 1, wife for 15 years, coming up to 40 and wanting to do something different. Not sure what, then realised it didn't actually matter. As long as I do *something* new, it's going to be Good!
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6 Responses to Getting naked changed my life. Sort of.

  1. Karl Fisher says:

    How did you find the life modelling class?

    • Not quite 40 says:

      Short answer? Google!

      I knew there used to be a life drawing class in the local theatre/art centre so I googled ‘life drawing class’ and my nearest big town. I found a couple and then found the website of a life model working locally as part of a collective. Called them and asked if there was any work opportunity.

      I was lucky that I could join with a model collective, but my original plan was to phone the life drawing tutor and ask if they wanted a model.

      • karlosf2013 says:

        After you had posted about this, i thought i would also give it a try. I tried Google but couldnt find anything local. I would probably have to search a little further away from home to find something. There seemed to be so many places in and around the London area, but as I come from the North West, this is not a viable option. I’ll keep looking though.

      • Not quite 40 says: – would this help? I found a load of workshops listed in the Northwest. Good on you for thinking of trying something new. Let me know how you get on!

  2. segmation says:

    So did you get naked again?

    • Not quite 40 says:

      No, although I may do sometime in the future. It was fun.

      I did think a lot about why I was feeling flat and realised it was because I had nothing planned, nothing to look ahead to. I wasn’t sure what the next fun thing would be.

      I now have two ideas, and one scheduled for Saturday afternoon, depending on family plans. And I am excited again 🙂

      I will post updates on the next New Things when they happen!

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