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Getting naked changed my life. Sort of.

I started this idea of doing 40 New Things with no end goal in mind.  I had no final vision or Future Me that I was aiming for.  I just thought it would be a Good Thing to try stuff out … Continue reading

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10 of 40 – keeping it under wraps. Or not.

Sleepless nights. Heart racing. Dilemma. Anxiety. Hmm, wasn’t this supposed to be fun? And it is all my choice, too, so there is nothing that I have to do. So why was I putting myself through this? I don’t know. … Continue reading

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Call to Action, aka “Stop thinking and start doing”

I have already said that it is the middle of February and I am behind in my lists of 40. Part of my problem is, I think, that I think. That is, I think about something, work out what it … Continue reading

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Be inspired to break out of your rut!

This is a list of suggestions from all sorts of places. I have kept all the ideas, even if they wouldn’t be new to me, in case they trigger another idea – or in case someone else wants some inspiration. … Continue reading

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Present number 2 of 40, or ‘how my husband actually silenced me’

It was Valentine’s Day. Husband had headed off to the gym at 6am, as he likes to do when he is able to. I rolled over and went back to sleep as best I could for another hour. (Child is … Continue reading

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What should be on the list?

One of the lists I started was ’40 new things.’ I wanted to break out of the rut I have been in for so long. I work at my husband’s (small) business and there is always a lot going on … Continue reading

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How my ‘Lists of 40’ all started

I’m 40 this year. I didn’t think much of it, although my husband asked me what I wanted to do for it. Last year I had a party, complete with pass the parcel and party bags. I’d thought about waiting … Continue reading

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