Be inspired to break out of your rut!

This is a list of suggestions from all sorts of places. I have kept all the ideas, even if they wouldn’t be new to me, in case they trigger another idea – or in case someone else wants some inspiration.

New to me:

Wellness weekend at a spa
Basket weaving
Learn a musical instrument – drumming appeals
A treetop adventure day
A picnic somewhere new
Going for a drive in a vintage car
Race track day
Going to the opera
Going to a rock concert
Try cooking something new 40 times
Read a new author – Sylvia Plath maybe?
See a Bollywood film
Make a hollandaise sauce from scratch
Mix and match my wardrobe in a totally new way
Try Bollywood dancing
New exercise class
Rock climbing qualification / course
Go Ape
Get a tattoo (SO not going to happen, though)
Turkish bath / steam things
Grow a new vegetable in the garden
Go on a writing course
Attend a book club
Go to a public lecture at the local university
Grass sledging
Yotam Olenghi veggie recipe
Volunteer at the National Trust – dry stone walling or something
Volunteer at a local charity
Bid at an auction
Get a family portrait
Go to Port Merion and run around like the prisoner
Make a necklace (not out of pasta shapes, painted with poster paints!)
Give blood
Silver smithing course
Blacksmithing course – could do this with my dad
Write a short story and try to get it published
Get into the Guiness book of Records
A Sushi making course
Cookery school
Take part in a flash mob
Wild swimming in a river or lake
Skinny dipping
A day at a naturist beach / event, or clothing optional e.g. abbeyhouse gardens
Be a still life model
Volunteer as a book reader
Climb a Monroe
Get something pierced (also so not going to happen. Not even my ears.)
Bake 40 different cakes or biscuits (not at the same time, though)
A public blogSkiing lesson
Sky dive
Wing walking
A fish pedicure thing
A tasting menu somewhere posh, where you get loads of courses, all of a mouthful
A day with a friend on a charity shop Gok Wan style search for a new look outfit, complete with accessories, and then go out wearing it in the evening
Build something from scratch – a wall, garden feature, bookcase, whatever
Make lemon curd
Go to Minskeys drag cabaret
Sing karaoke
Perform on stage
Go on the sightseeing bus in my home town – with a bottle of champagne!
Go on the radio
Go to speedway racing, or stock car racing, or similar
Camp in a den made yourself
Light a fire without matches
Go to a festival
Make cheese
A gemology course – by Gem-A
Watch a rugby match
Watch a football match
Watch a cricket match
Go on a really long zip wire
100 days of Tai Chi
Go to watch greyhound racing
Watch snooker live – The Welsh Open?
Go to watch a BBC TV programme live
Visit the new Dr Who Experience
Learn to count to 10 in 10 languages
Learn please, thank you, hello, goodbye, yes and no in 10 languages
Do ‘100 days of happy’
Learn to use my camera properly
Learn how to use my new phone to post photos to Facebook – and to write WordPress posts
Run naked through a wheat field
Streak at a cricket match
Score a goal at football
Play rugby
Drive a racing car
Do a handbrake turn
Go in a hot air balloon
Go for a long coastal walk
Go bouldering
Take part in a mass event
Do a fun run

Not new to me:

Learn to knit
An art course
Read 40 books
Rock climbing
Learn to juggle
Go horse riding
Afternoon tea somewhere posh (been to the Ritz and it was fab)
Go star gazing with an astronomy club
White water rafting
Abseil down a tall building
A proper pedicure
A new fruit – e.g. sharon fruit, dragon fruit
A new veg – e.g. mooli (Yes, I am sure there are fruit and veg around that I haven’t tried, but it’s not new to me to try them. I am quite capable of accosting someone in the fruit and veg aisle to ask them what they are buying and how they eat it!)
Make a piece of clothing for yourself or someone else, or a cushion cover, hot water bottle cover – simple / complicated sewing project as per your ability!
Make jam
Make chutney
Have a letter published in a magazine

About Not quite 40

Mother of 1, wife for 15 years, coming up to 40 and wanting to do something different. Not sure what, then realised it didn't actually matter. As long as I do *something* new, it's going to be Good!
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4 Responses to Be inspired to break out of your rut!

  1. I wasn’t sure where I should post my suggestion, can’t see anywhere were appropriate than here.

    Taking into consideration your obvious love of food I thought this would be something new but also a well-deserved treat.

    I want you to think of a cuisine you have never sampled (say Lebanese for talking sake), find a restaurant that specialises in it and give it a go. Would make for a great experience and a great post for us to read.

    Sorry it took so long but I hope the suggestion is worth considering

    • Not quite 40 says:

      Ooh, I like the idea 🙂 And yes, I do love my food! Now, the challenge for me is to find a restaurant close enough to go to that is a cuisine I haven’t yet tried. I’m on it and will keep you posted…. Thank you!

      • Not quite 40 says:

        Aah. I’m struggling here. I am still working on finding a cuisine I haven’t tried but there aren’t many (Nepalese is my favourite, so far, by the way) and even fewer that I can get to easily from here. I WILL do it, but it may take longer than I had hoped.

        Feel free to come up with another/more challenges as I would love to get some momentum going on New Things…

  2. Keep on working on it, we don’t get great reward from the things that fall on our lap.

    I’ll come up with more for you, leave that with me.

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